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We store your products and ship orders reliably & quickly to your customers.
  • Direct contact to the warehouse - personal & accessible
  • Clear pricing without sales pressure
  • Less internal stress with fast problem solving
Brands that grow with us
Customer Story

Stay Cold Apparel: How outsourcing fulfillment & customer support to us has transformed e-commerce business

For an established fashion shop with millions in sales, our fulfillment strategies and integrated customer support have led to a 20% increase in cost efficiency and a 5% improvement in margins.
“The fast storage and proactive resolution of difficulties, as well as the reliable and flexible customer support that responds on the same day, have fundamentally improved the way we work.”
Vuven Meurer
CEO & Founder


Cost efficiency


Support Requests



Before Working with AIC
Prior to AIC, Stay Cold Apparel faced inefficient inventory management and slow order processing, resulting in frequent oversales and customer complaints.
Solution with AIC
With AIC's support, Stay Cold Apparel has streamlined its warehouse and order processes, reduced error rates and accelerated order processing, resulting in a noticeable improvement in customer satisfaction. In addition, shop customer support was outsourced to us as a logistician.
  • Shop-Kundensupport Integration über Gorgias
  • Keine Backlogs mehr, auch bei Spitzenbelastung
  • Konstanter Austausch über live Chats & direkte Meetings

What sets AIC Fulfillment apart

We see ourselves as your brand's personal growth partner - not just a warehouse.
Direct line to our logistics experts
Personal and versatile - our expertise in the logistics sector makes us effective problem solvers. We ensure efficient storage and handling of your products.
Regular contact for full control
We rely on regular contact to keep you informed and in control of stock levels and logistics processes. This ensures a quick response to any challenges.
Clear pricing model without sales pressure - fair & transparent
There is a monthly support fee, and beyond that, costs are only incurred when your orders are actually shipped.
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This is what our fulfillment partners say

“With ten years of experience in analog and regional business, entering online retail was new territory for us. From day one, AIC took our hand and accompanied us on this new journey. Your constant availability and the promise of always being available to us have helped us tremendously. They have provided us with a trusting partnership that has allowed us to focus on what we do best — developing new products for our customers. The fast shipments to our customers are already mentioned in the shop reviews”
Ferdinand Pillenstein

Advantages with us as your fulfillment partner?

No warehouse chaos and shipping stress - more focus on your shop
Outsourcing allows you to concentrate on product development, marketing and sales. Our logistics experts take care of the rest.
Satisfied customers thanks to fast shipping of orders
Fast, reliable deliveries improve customer satisfaction and strengthen your brand's reputation.
Easy scalability & flexibility in every growth phase
We adapt to your warehousing & fulfillment needs and support you at every stage.

Sell on top marketplaces through multi-channel

Comprehensive support for newcomers to e-commerce and effortless integration of top marketplaces and shop systems. We help you set up your online shop and establish a seamless connection to our warehouse. Our modern and young team provides efficient solutions for your e-commerce challenges.
Tool integrations AIC Fulfillment
Illustration of users getting support

Your store customer support efficiently from a single source

We process your customer support tickets from the store. This enables faster problem resolution for customer inquiries and ensures internal relief and more satisfied customers.
  • Solve store customer problems faster & more effectively
  • Individual & automated responses to enquiries
  • Less store support tickets in the backlog
Illustration man driving forklift with parcels

Logistics solutions on demand - transportation & B2B solutions

At AIC Fulfillment, we offer logistics 6 warehouse services at fair prices. Whether national or international, we take care of your goods procurement and offer secure transportation, storage and outdoor space.
  • National & international transportation, emergency logistics
  • Flexible staff for seasonal warehouse work
  • Amazon vendor picking, B2B logistics

How fulfillment works

AIC Fulfillment Picking Scanning Printing Labels

Storage of your products

Deliver your goods to us, we check and store them ready for sale. In the meanwhile we import your store data.


Pick & Pack your order

Automatic transfer of orders through store connections. Picking of goods for orders and careful packaging for a high level of customer satisfaction.


Efficient shipping

Your parcels are collected and delivered by a selected shipping service provider such as DHL, GLS and Co. For larger B2B orders, we also offer pallet and general cargo shipping.


Processing of returns

We process your returns as requested in consultation with your team.

“A turning point for our business. The punctual deliveries and individual solutions have exceeded our expectations time and time again. With modern tools and clear prices, they are the perfect example of a reliable logistics partner.”
Arda Askin
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